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Aroma Breast Enhances Massage Oil

Aroma Breast Enhances Massage Oil (Write a review) Aroma Breast Enhances Massage Oil
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Aroma Breast Enhances Massage Oil

Buy two with three presented free! BALANSILK powerful, effective natural lose weight cream, natural plant firming weight lose massage cream;

New Design 50ml Aroma Breast Massage Oil for Women; Natural Aroma Breast Enhance Massage Oil;

Quick Product Info.:
Product Name: aroma breast enhances massage oil;
Brand: Yuxuehong;
Place of Origin: China (Mainland);
Net Content: 50g/ml;
Style: massage cream;
Type: Compound Essential Oil;
Function: moisturizing and slimming;
Feature: Anti-Aging, Breast Enhancers, Firming, Moisturizer, Nourishment;
Shelf life: 3 years;
Package: standard packaging;
Storage: Stored under cool, dry places.

Ingredients: rose essence, geranium extract, rose oil, basil essential oil, Pueraria extract, papaya extract, frankincense, hyaluronic acid, CPF.

Massage, help you relax and enjoy your time. Stabilization, decompression, sleep, comfort, passion, romantic, aphrodisiac, increase self-confidence popularity, removes anger and sadness and make a woman become self-generated by positive feelings.
1. Balance the skin, restores skin vitality, can cure all kinds of Burns and bacteria, virus infection-induced skin diseases;
2. Eliminates-aging free radicals, VA, Vc, Vb, moisturizing and anti-aging;
3. Be effective in stimulating cell, tissue regeneration, anti-wrinkle and postpone aging;
4.A Soft skin, whitening, crease, Fu effect pregnancy is sharp, but also has the effect of the tissue regeneration;
5. Crease, wrinkle, balance, you can make the skin students;
6. Enjoy a good skin, containing VA B1, B2, B6, fatty acids, protein, good moisturizing effect;
7. Has a hydrophilic skin, skin that regulates moisture.
Insist to massage above 5minutes.If necessary, use in the beauty Salon to get a better effect.
1. Hot towel over the part of your body, about 5 minutes.
2. Take 2-3ml by the hand massage, body for several minutes.
Best to keep oil at a temperature controlled environment, but not refrigerated. Due to the natural qualities of these oils and the complete absence of additives, if refrigerated, oil will solidify and need to be thawed and stirred before use.

1. Avoid contact with eyes;
2.No oral administration;
3.Pregnant women, disabled;
4.Women's menstrual period;


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