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What is the sun-protection's "SPF food"?

Why food can also prevent sunburn? Academy of Dermatology found that the sun's ultraviolet rays stimulate the skin to produce hydrogen peroxide and free radicals, and free radicals destroy skin cells and tissues, accelerating the oxidation of melanin, the skin becomes dull, rough and loss of flexibility, but also reduces the resistance of the skin. Dermatologists recommend you put the following food into your diet .
SPF food list
1, moderate intake red and yellow color fruits and vegetables
Such as carrots, mango, tomatoes, papaya, sweet potato, pumpkin, sweet potato leaves, spinach, etc.,
2, eat fruit with high Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be said as” the skin beauty products saint" and want to maintain healthy and bright skin, almost every dermatologist will tell you to eat more high-C fruits and vegetables.
3, soybean
Soybean ISOFLAVONE is a phytoestrogen, can replace the role of some female hormones to help fight aging, but it also has antioxidant capacity.
4, 2 cups of tea per day
U.S. research indicates that drinking green tea or using skin care products which containing green tea ingredients (that EGCG), allowing the sunburn, reduced by about one third.