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The simple PUSH exercise to slim belly
Lead: There are a lot of waste disposal and fat accumulates around the waist and abdomen which can let the waistline coarsens and belly bulge. How to reduce the fat belly? The simple PUSH exercise will help you dredge blood and lymphatic fluid and discharge the waste and fat and then slim waist easily!
1) PUSH the back
Lie on your back and up two knees, then using upper body weight to PUSH along the spine and divide the spine into 5 parts to press. Repeat it 3 times. 
Spinal place full of nerve connect the internal organs directly, so you will feel pain.
2) PUSH the iliac bone place
Lie on the side and press along the iliac bone place (the waist protruding bones). And divide into three equal parts to press, then change to the edge the same action.
Here is the intestines and ovarian joint. Constipation or no-well physical person can consciously press here!
3) PUSH the greater trochanter 
Lie on the side and use the thumb to press the greater trochanter, secondly change into the other side. Around each three times.
4) PUSH the sacrum 
Lie on your back and up two knees. Use the weight of the upper body to press along the sacrum (in pelvic focus, the bones of the triangle) position.
Hip gathered many points of activating internal organs and these points also have the effect of beautiful buttock acupuncture!