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The savior for “Pie face” – 6 steps to gain “V face”

1) V-face
Step one: the index finger, middle finger and ring finger on the depression location in the middle between chin and lips.
Step two: follow the depression, massage on both sides of the pulp to the parotid lymph nodes.
Step three: three fingers in the same way of the bottom lip, strengthen force slightly.
Step four: the same slide with the pulp to the parotid sentinel lymph nodes, repeat these four movements 5 times.
2)Eliminate loose double chin
Step one: the joint of index finger at the end of chin closely.
Step two: fingers together slightly, palms down sliding from chin to the ears
Step three: the chin elevated slightly, arrived in the hands of the thumb under the chin bone depression.
Step four: two thumbs to massage behind chin, the same four steps to repeat 5 times.