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The rebound rate is high as 41% for the diet weight loss

Lead: Study found that 41% will rebound among those people who insist on the diet weight loss for a long time. Don’t be worry first of all! Let’s listen to the professional explanation form the expert!
Dr. Grace Seaman who is the associate professor of psychology of University of California, Los Angeles listed some strange phenomenon that she found in the research process of diet weight loss people. She wants to know that those people insist for a long time to go on a diet to lose weight will laugh last? Therefore, she took her students keep tracking a lot of diet weight loss people for more than one year. And asked her students write down all data of weight for each one. In the studies, they only focus on a digital interested that how much proportion will re-grow fat diet with the passage of time?
However, so sorry that they get a surprising digital: 41%! The rebound rate is 41% amazingly and there are some of these people get weight heavier than before. Mann said, although a lot of people feel depressed for the number but "we still have a lot of reasons to believe that the ratio has been underestimated."