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The morning and evening weight loss to help you keep slimming body effectively
Lead: what is the morning and evening weight loss? It is the weight difference by calculating the weight in the morning and evening and then use these detail data to monitor ourselves. So that helping you loss weight effectively in no pressure state and the rebound chance is very low! Below, our editor introduces you this topic and health weight loss method!
How to do? 
1) With reference to the form, calculate the weight while finish toilet before bedtime in the evening;
2) Calculating the weight after get up and using the toilet in the morning; 
3) With the above way to calculate weight in 3 days continuously. Calculate the weight difference by every morning and evening and then add 3 days’ weight difference together and take again average;
4) Then, consider the average weight difference as standard and continue weight every morning and evening. If the weight difference in one day is less than that of average weight, it means the weight loss progress. To the contrary, the weight loss is fall behind if the weight difference is greater than the average weight difference.
5) Repeat this simple method and through the data to check ourselves. When the weight difference is less than average every day, we should try to draw away it secondly!
According to the personal physique and life condition are different, the average weight difference is floating in the 500-800 grams. And the timing of weighing is also very important, whether morning or evening, weighing must be in after using the toilet.