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The magic effect of weight loss from potato

Lead: The potato is very common and popular in the daily life. In fact, the potato is the best food for weight loss. Now, the editor will tell why it can help you lose weight?
Since a long time, human are all think the potato is easy to get fat. Actually, the lead reason for getting fat is the excessive heat. But the potato can control the weight well.
The potato is no only a low heat food and its fat content is also very low that is good at controlling the total quantity of fat intake every day. Meanwhile, the moist content of potato is very high and 78.6 grams per 100 grams potato that can make you has satiety feeling after eating.

However, if you fried potato to eat, that is really makes you get fat! The fried cook will make the starch of potato accumulated in the body and then get fat easily. The chips are the typical case exactly. The potato fried in the 120 degree temperature will produce one kind “AM” toxic substance. So, please try to avoid eating chips or other fried potato foods in the daily life. But it is ok for boiled or stewed potatoes.