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Stretch your legs to do thin leg exercise
Lead: the most embarrassing way to wear the knee socks for fat leg girl is the edge of socks squeeze a group fat! Thoroughly solve the elephant leg problems and the most effective way to thin fat leg is move up quickly to do thin leg exercise. Follow our editor to stretch your legs and do a few simple household thin leg exercise. It is incredibly simple whenever you want to show out your beautiful leg!
1) Left leg and left arm stretching forward respectively and the upper body turn to the left to make the left leg and left arm close to the ground completely and make the right side and the waist and hips and shoulders and head leave from the ground. The left cheek pressure on his left arm and at the same time, bend your right leg your knees make the leg and thigh draw closely. Use the right hand to hand a feet to the direction of the hip and pull pressure.
2) Standing behind the chair and stretch knees straight and tight. The left hand to hold the back of chair but keep the upper body straight for slim the abdomen. Bend the left leg and up legs and then the right hand to hand a sole and pull up to the inside. Meanwhile, the waist slightly bowed so as to stretch left leg muscles.
3) Close legs and bend knees, then lie down on the ground. The waist fully stuck on the ground and arms straight up. Then the left legs raise until into vertical place with ground. Both hands holding the inside and outside of the knee and press the direction of the upper body gently.