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Say goodbye to detoxification capsules

Bad looks and fat body which are may due to toxins accumulate in the body. The following several congee, a certain role on detoxification, you can have a  try ! If you want to get rid of detoxification capsules , then to eat more following porridge.
Black sesame and brown rice porridge

Effect: this porridge can help discharge stool, lightweight body without losing nutrition.
Ingredients: 150 grams of brown rice, 2 tablespoons of black sesame seeds water, amount of white sugar
Method: Wash and drain rice, 14 cups of boiling water into pot, stir into the rice;
Keep boiling 45 minutes, then add black sesame and continued cook 5 minutes, add sugar melted Serve.1time per day.
Cassia rice porridge
Effect: this porridge can be Liver eyesight, help bowel movement.
Ingredients: 10 grams of Cassia, 60 grams of rice, a little rock sugar.
Method: first fry Cassia into yellow color, boil it into juice after cooling;
Then, with its juice and rice cook, add rock sugar and serve immediately. 1 time per day.