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Prevent heatstroke in the summer – eat raw ginger

Benefits of ginger one: prevent heatstroke in the summer
In summer, people like the feeling of cool, especially like a long time by blowing air conditioners and fans, this is very easy to cause the common cold. In order to avoid the cold, immediately drink a glass of ginger syrup, you can drive out of the cold body. In Chinese medicine, on the view that the efficacy of ginger with refreshing summer easy to feel dizzy and just drink a glass of ginger at this time can be resumed immediately the spirit.
Benefits of ginger two: bactericidal anti-inflammatory
Summer is the season of most active growth of bacteria, so it is easy to accidentally cause enteritis or gastritis, and drinking a cup of ginger soup or ginger tea can play a preventive role against the bacteria.
How to eat ginger:
with its skin people suffering from pneumonia can not eat the ginger the rotten ginger can not eat make ginger juice with brown sugar