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Natural fruits caring will make you beauty

Summer is coming, for those MM who like healthy skin caring, we will  recommend several delicious summer fruits.
Orange- natural moisturizing effect
Orange is very valuable to the body, especially for its seeds, the surface sticky substance is the main component of pectin, is a dietary fiber, and its ability to retain moisture is strong, with a natural moisturizing effect. In addition, the seeds of CATECHINS and other antioxidants can prevent formation of dark spots of skin surface, contains citric acid, acid can get rid of excess skin.
Guava cell power supplement
Guava, also known as guava, rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and iron content is particularly rich, the rich in sugar and carbohydrates that provide plenty of energy to body. Similarly, the guava can also add impetus to the skin cells: Vitamin C has the role of antioxidant, brighten complexion and is a good moisturizer, and the unique atmosphere full of tropical flavor, but also the spirit of people whom refreshing.
Blackcurrant wake up tired skin
Black currants are rich in sugars, organic acids, vitamins, active substances, rich in minerals and special aromatic ingredients that can clean and wake up tired skin, and promote the excitement of the muscles, skin luster is established.