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Incorrect weight loss is easy to cause disease
Lead: The weight loss in order to let our body looks more perfect and beautiful. But the blind weight loss or take some improper method to reduce weight is the lead reason to affect health! Does your weight loss method science? Does your body send you "SOS" during the weight loss period? Our editor will tell you 3 kinds of diseases caused by inappropriate weight loss.
During diet period, the appetite is decreased and the digestion and excretion function abate can make you have constipation.
To solve constipation problem, the most effective material is dietary fiber that can stimulate peristalsis of stomach. And most fiber food all are low food calories and can restrain the absorption of sugar.
Rough skin 
Excessive diet or even less heat supply to the basic metabolism or poor nutrition etc can make our skin coarse.
During diet period, do not only eat vegetables. And try to intake some fat and protein that can promote the sebum secretion normally and solve the problem of rough skin.
Low blood pressure
So-called low blood pressure is means the blood pressure less than 100 mmHg. At the same time, with lightheaded, nausea symptoms. It almost caused by insufficient diet and rest time disorder etc.
As long as you keep a balanced diet, adequate sleep, can improve the hypotension. But if the situation is more serious, you need to see a doctor, the use of drugs to treat!