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Green tea- the most fashionable approach for health care

Now, green tea become the most popular health care products, and its efficacy, was not newly discovered, but it was seen as the most fashionable approach to health care today.
Tea polyphenol is the short title for polyphenols in the tea and its derivatives, also is the main component of tea, of which "CATECHIN" about 70% of total polyphenols. Tea CATACHIN in green tea contains the most abundant, because it not fermentation, can save more susceptible to heat destruction of tea in the loss of chlorophyll and vitamins. Catechin and β-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E play role on against free radicals, aging, cancer prevention wonders. It prevents cell gene mutation, inhibition of tumor growth, blood fat, blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular disease and can prevent a cold, tooth decay and eliminate bad breath and so on.
Meanwhile, green tea also has effect of releasing pressure. The caffeine from green tea is different with that from coffee, because when it coexists with catechin, can stop an effect of caffeine in the stomach, avoid stimulating the secretion of gastric acid, so that caffeine Abuse is not to play the body, but to promote central nervous system, heart and liver function, but it can be cleverly retained.