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Global health beauty diet all around the world

Thai people are very close to nature, like using natural herbs in all aspects of life. In the shower with essential oils can not only make the skin more supple and shine, but also can help reduce dark pigment on the elbow, knee.
Some Russia MM like to use strawberries to apply face for achieving cosmetic results. To make the hair more supple, they will put rye soaked in water, and use it to soak the hair, then rinse clean. The traditional Russian sauna needs honey making mask, then drink the lime tree tea.
In Romania, MM like to use oatmeal mask in facial massage, as a moisturizing mask. Actually can put some water in the mask, made ??into a clay-like, by adding rice bran or protein or egg yolk, and mix some olive oil, honey and a drop of lemon juice. Eyes have dark circles, many people use castor oil in the eye massage.
German MM always use milk as a beauty product. Like to drink a glass of milk while having bath and milk bath.
French MM like to put cream in the refrigerator, air conditioning can stimulate the microcirculation and the role played pulling compact. A lot of French people use eucalyptus soap, which is a in Algeria, Tanzania and Morocco, a popular black soap. Eucalyptus soap used for cleaning the body when the SPA, to remove the skin and promote good blood circulation