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Ginger tea is helping you lose weight and warm body in the cold winter
Lead: For the cold winter, many women have the phenomenon of icy hand and foot obviously. Especially the cold hypothermia will affect metabolism and then fat can’t burn up. And the fat constitution isn’t easy to improve! Today, our editor will recommend you the ginger tea to help reduce weight and let the ginger and black tea to increase the body temperature, and then speed up metabolism quickly!
What is the weight loss method of ginger tea?
Ginger has the effect of weight loss and beauty skin together. And the black tea itself is belongs to warm food. For the cold physique person or with chronic icy hand and foot symptoms person, it is absolutely convenient and easy to make weight loss food. Meanwhile, it can promote sweating to help improve metabolism and then improve easy fat physique. More important is also not easy rebound after weight loss.
How Ginger tea reducing weight? 
Ginger can stimulate blood circulation to increase body temperature. And the black tea that fermented from green tea can produce heat energy after enter human body. The double effect of weight loss from these two kinds food can effectively improve the metabolism and improve easy fat physique. This is charming secret of ginger tea reducing weight!