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Garlic-make your hair glossy

Many women worry about bad breath caused by eating garlic, in fact, it is the women's "health guardian. "
Large epidemiological survey think, long-term consumption of garlic and garlic-producing areas of the crowd, which is significantly lower cancer rates. Nutrition experts say, eat half piece of raw garlic every day, can play a inhibition on restrain breast cancer, ovarian cancer and so on.
Modern medical research shows that garlic has strong antibacterial effect on vaginal trichomoniasis, amoeba and other pathogenic microorganism. Eating a raw garlic every day, you can play a very good role on control vaginitis.
The gastrointestinal experts Doctor Wu said that not only be able to against cancer, prevent thrombosis, but also to maintain the shiny black hair, especially for using garlic juice to massage the scalp can not only reduce hair loss, but also to make white hair black.