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Durian - can relieve painful menstruation

Durian smells strongly, it is no exaggeration even describe as "stink to high heaven, " . But do you know, due to its high nutritional value, so durian is often used for nourishing the body of patients and post-partum women in Thailand. Durian has heat natural, which could stimulate blood circulation and remove cold inside body, relieve painful menstruation, especially for women troubled by painful menstruation: it can also improve the symptoms of abdominal cold, can increase body temperature, and also the ideal tonic for people who has cold constitution: In addition, the shell durian has same nutrition value as pig bones, making soup diet recipe is a traditional folk.

Although durian are good, but don’t eat too much, otherwise easily lead to physical heat, but also can not be completely absorbed by the stomach.
At the same time as eating durian, may wish to drink salt water, or eat more fruit to balance the water, such as pears, watermelon, which could eliminate heat.