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Different types of skin have different way to control oil

1 Balance skin
Don’t forget to sunscreen in hot summer. No matter what types of skin; under the stress and stimulation environment easy to cause grease secretion. Reasonable diet structure and good living habits are the first condition of beautiful skin. Otherwise, intake much vitamin B6 can adjust grease secretion.
2 Mixture types of skin
  It’s hard to deal with oily skin. The only way to resolve it is separate to nursing. Use oil free lotion or balancing lotion to control in T-zone for oily skin; enhance supply water to dry check. Apply deep cleansing mask once a week.
3 Oily skin, control oil
Oily skin has strong grease secretion in hot summer. You can choose witch hazel and Zn PCA ingredients oil free products to reduce grease secretion. Health horniness metabolism can keep you away from acne.
4 Oily skin lock of water
Skin lock of water will cause strong grease secretion. And make skin stay in an unbalance situation; continue to control oil at this time will cause desquamate. You need to supply large amount of water to skin. Keep oil and water balance.
5 Sensitive skin
Sensitive skin also has the oil problem. You’d better choose oil free products which do not contain alcohol ingredient. Alcohol will make horniness lose water and lead skin more sensitive. Choose mild and no alcohol skincare products.