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All kinds of tea to improve your complexion

In fact, a lot of flower-making tea and fruit-making tea can play a role in skin care, but how much you know about these natural skin care products?
Oolong tea, green tea, black tea, chrysanthemum tea, play well in the metabolic effects which can achieve weigh loss , whitening beauty, a diuretic excretion effect.
The Rose tea, and lavender tea can play role on releasing spirit , can eliminate fatigue, adjustment and regulation of endocrine function in order to achieve improvement of complexion.
Black tea, barley tea, lotus tea and Indian tea have played good efficacy results, and Yunnan tea can help lower cholesterol and thus beauty.

Honey tea, forget –me-not and carnations are very welcome by the MM, in addition to their nice flavor, good cosmetic results are important!
The amaranth and lily contain a variety of material that the human body needs can help improve the body mass, so as to achieve cosmetic results.