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8 little tips to control

Cooling moisture spray liquid at any time
Moisture spray liquid can cool skin quickly. Spray face in the distant of 15 centimeter.
Moisture mask
Apply moisture mask is one kind of enjoyment in summer. It can supply enough water to skin. You can put mask into fridge for 10 minutes and apply it onto face.
Fresh and cool gel supply water and oil-free
You should pay much attention to moisture in hot summer. Oil-free moisture gel can supply enough water to skin.
Exfoliation can make skin breath
Exfoliation skin in the regular time can make skin breath and absorb nutrition.
Tea tree oil help to remove acne
You can choose skincare products which contains tea tree essence ingredient. Tea tree essence has can resist acne and diminish inflammation.
Refresh and cool sunscreen products
 Some sunscreen products are oil for oily skin. Apply this kind of sunscreen like wearing a thick clothe without air. You can choose some oil free sunscreen in the market.
Beach umbrella
Do not neglect hurts of ultraviolet rays. It can cause skin aging. Even you apply sunscreen; you also need to hold one beach umbrella. it can resist rays and protect your skin.
Repair skin after sunburn
Sunscreen is the first step to protect skin. If you stay under the sun for a long time; you should choose cream to repair your skin.