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10 weight loss foods can satisfy satiety but no fat

Lead: In order to keep body warm, the appetite is also soar accordingly in the winter. Therefore, lose weight in this season should pay more attention on control diet. So, what should eat for weight loss in the winter? Today, the editor will tell you 10 delicious foods for reducing weight effectively. In addition to low quantity of heat and also is rich in satiety.
Sweet potato
High nutrition includes vitamins and fibers that can help metabolism. 100 grams of sweet potato only contains 0.2 gram fat and 99 calorie heat.
In addition to full of fiber and improve metabolism, its low calorie is good at tight belly.
Black soya bean
It contains excellent protein that can speed up the fat metabolism.
Chinese cabbage
It is rich in fiber that can promote movement of stomach and intestine. And, 100 grams of cabbage only contain 0.2 grams fat.
It is the best to instead of rice during the weight loss period!
It contains abundant of crude fiber, and it also is rich in potassium.
It contains glucose/cane sugar/ fructose and variety of vitamins that can help increase metabolism.
Low calorie and low fat but abundant of fiber.
Black fungus
It contains all nutrition the body need, especially for the lecithin.