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December is a good time to lose weight and doesn’t act sorrow next year
Lead: Following November is the last month immediately. There are all kinds of celebrations and festivals coming up at the end of year. And the Spring Festival is coming next January! Facing these festival but haven’t a slim body to the party is too sad! Our editor likes to teach you a few lessons about lose weight. Let you hold the best December which is the best time for losing weight and own the slim body before variety festivals come!
December and January is the best time for metabolism
Why it is the best time for metabolism in the coldest period? In fact, the worst human metabolism season is summer and the metabolism speed in the December and January is 2-3 times of that. But there are a lot of parties to join at the beginning and end of year. The food calories intake will increase than usual at the same time. Except, the weather is cold and then many people don’t want to go exercise!
Maybe we can start from to daily life, such as climbing stairs instead of elevator or walking home instead of bus etc. So, the quantity of heat burning everyday be increased.
When the body is used to this change, we can begin appropriately increase the intensity of the exercise. Such as running/ cycling in the weekend or walking after dinner every day. At the same time, eat more root vegetables food to help improve metabolism!