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Q: What is the benefit of registration?
A: Setup an account today to start personalizing your shopping experience. With an account you can conveniently maintain your account information, check the status of your recent orders and much more.

Q: How to order the goods you need?
1. Browse
Welcome to visit our website, you can browse the product by free.
2. Add to cart
If favorite product you are interested in, you can read the instruction and details on that page, when attending to purchase it, please click the "Add to cart" button.
3. Check out
Check out and confirm the products that you order, If you want purchase more products just click the button as "CONTINUE SHOPPING" and unnecessary to login again. You can reset what you want to order also in this page.


Order Track

Q: How do I track my orders?
A: We usually deliver your package within 1-2 days after we get your payment, and give you tracking number within 1-3 days after we deliver your package. (That means, we will provide you with the tracking number within 2-4 business days after you pay for it.).Plus, you can refer "order track" page, we will renew the tracking information on time.
If shipping method is EMS, You can track it on
If the shipping method is Hong Kong Post, You can track it on

Q: Where do you ship from and how many days arrive USA?
A: We ship the pills from china by EMS.Normally it need 7-15 days! We bear all losses if you can not receive it during the transportation course. We will refund total money to you!

Q: What is the various order status mean on your website?
Unpaid: Your payment has not finished or paid unsuccessfully, please contact your bank or change payment methods and try again!
Pending: The payment is still processing by Gateway Company now!
Paid: Payment paid successfully and is waiting to ship now!
Shipped: The orders shipped from us and are processing by post office now. Please note it can not be tracked on the site at this moment. Normally the processing time need 1-3 days.
Delivering: The item shipped out from our country .It can be tracked on the website now, please find the tracking address here, and enter the tracking number.
Delivered: Customers already signed the item.
Undelivered: Post office dispatched the item unsuccessfully. It may caused by wrong address or phone, please contact post office yourself as soon as possible!
Redelivered: Reshipped item has already arrived.
Refund: payment refunded already.
Sendback: The item has been shipped back to us; please contact us to reship it as soon as possible.



Q: Why do you fail to pay via Credit Card?
A: We are using Ctopay online processing system which accepts the following major credit cards:
2) MasterCard
For normally, our credit card payment system (Visa Card) can accept most countries in the world. If your payment is failed, and receive a notice email contained one of following reasons:
We do not process customers in this country;
Risk denied the transaction;
missing zip code;
Transaction declined by bank;
Invalid Credit Card number (parameter credit card number).

Please read the reason possibly, and then fix the problem and try to pay again:
1. please pay attention to whether there is any discrepancy between the billing country and card issuing country. If there is, the transaction can be regarded as one of high risk and declined by the bank. In case you will be led to the issuing bank authentication page to select if you want to finish the VBV enrollment, please just click "no thanks" and proceed to processing. Most of card holders were led to that page and simply closely and that's why the approving rate is kind of low. Actual even you were directed to that page, you can still make progress.
2. Only one successful transaction is accepted in 24 hours from one IP, card or email. You can try on another IP and with another card and email. This is due to the bank's risk control for blocking possible fraud.
3. The customer's credit card issuing bank did not approve the transaction. This could be for lack of funds, frozen account status, invalid credit card number or expiration date, etc. Unfortunately the card issuing bank does not provide additional details regarding the reason for the decline. The customer will need to contact the card issuing bank for more information.
4. Uncompleted transaction procedure by customers if no order can be found in our system, i.e. no generated in our system that means the relevant customer has not finished the transaction flow .These transactions are stopped on the way to the payment gateway.
5. Rejection by the card issuer Reasons for the rejections: uncompleted card information entered or entered in wrong format (for example, uncompleted information about email and address, non-ISOstandard country code, wrong 3D etherification code entered); card expired; insufficient balance in card; listed card of risk (for bad transaction history, or being blacklisted by bank and so on); unaccepted zone card by the bank (credit cards from isolated countries are not within the white list).
Transaction failure occurs due to varied causes. When it occurs the bank payment manipulation page will indicate the failure hint. If any transaction failure cause sent by the bank to the merchant, the merchant can find it in his own administration system.

Q: Can I pay by PayPal in your website?
A: Because of the bank's risk control, not every buyer can pay successfully by Credit Card. We sometimes, therefore, also accept the PayPal payment, but you can not pay by PayPal directly in our website, If you want to pay by PayPal, please contact us firstly with e-mai:



Q: How do I do if I can not receive the item during various reasons?
A. Due to the transportation problem, the customer can not receive the order. Our company undertakes all the responsibility for the reasons below:
1.Due to the freight company, the customer can not receive the goods. You can choose full refund or redelivery.
2. Due to our wrong operation, wrong products are sent out. You can choose full refund or redelivery.
3. Due to our wrong operation, products are missed to deliver. You can choose full refund or redelivery.
B.Our company undertakes part of the responsibility for the reasons below:
1.Customer submitted incorrect delivery information, which caused the parcel, fails to be delivered or undeliverable. Customer needs to pay the shipping fee if you want redelivery. If you choose refund, we can only refund the shopping price.
2. Customer submitted the delivery info right but failed to deliver for three times by the post office. When the parcel is returned, customer needs to pay the shipping fee if you want redelivery. If you choose refund, we can only refund the shopping price.
3. Customer refuses to sign up the parcel; we will refund the shopping price only. We will give you suggestions about the hot products, please choose the products you want carefully as you will be take care of the marketing and overstocking of products. We can not accept return due to reasons beyond quality problem.

Usage of main diet pills

Q: What is the Meizitang slimming capsule?
A: Meizitang botanical slimming capsule represents one of the most advanced weight loss formulas for people who need to lose 10-15 pounds fast and effectively. Thermometric herbs and minerals will help you look slimmer, feel more energetic and get in shape in few weeks. 100% natural and extremely powerful weight loss solution.

Q: What's the 2 day diet?
A: The 2 day diet japan lingzhi slimming formula is designed for people who need to lose 20-25 pounds fast and effectively. An exclusive ingredient in the 2 Day Diet prevents the digestion of dietary fat, hence reducing its absorption by the body after sometime of consumption, body parts prone to fat accumulation (belly, arms, thighsand buttocks) could see dramatic benefits.
The 2 day diet we sell are directly provided form manufacturer in china,shenzhen.In fact, a lot of usa wholesalers buy a lots of 2 day diet .There also lots of our agents in usa,too.The most popular edition on sale of 2 day diet in the market come from this factory, so you do not worry! We can guarantee the quality and the effect of this pills we sell is the best in china!

Q: In the process of taking these pills, why do phenomena such as thirst, dry mouth and constipation arise?
A: It's very normal to feel thirsty at the very beginning, because acetylcholine can increase the excretion of saliva. However the increase of Norepinephrine will reduce the function of acetylcholine, and reduce the excretion of saliva. So, if not provided with abundant water, it will lead to excessive thirst, then difficulty in bowel movement. Also, satiety caused by the functional herbs reduces the appetite, so it leads to constipation. It is highly recommended to drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables.

Q: I read on the internet that LiDa DaiDaihua Slimming Capsules contain "Sibutramine".
A: LiDa DaiDaihua is made of natural vegetation materials (extracts). However, there are many FAKE LIDA DAIDAIHUA (please refer to the Ture&Fake) that may add artificial medicine, trying to create the same slimming effects as the Authentic LiDa DaiDaihua. Sibutramine, is approved by FDA in the USA for people with serious weight problem such as obesity.

Q: I am worried about my wellbeing. How do I know I am buying the genuine Daidaihua and other weight loss products?
A: All our stock is sourced from original manufacturers. Moreover, we have compiled a list of marks and signs to help you easily differentiate between authentic and fake ones.



Q: Is your website secure? I don't like putting my credit card information on the internet.
A: We are using Money bookers and Ctopay online processing system which accepts the credit cards payment. All credit card details are processed by Money bookers or Ctopay in a top secure environment with SSL encryption mechanisms to protect your online transmission. So please set your heart at rest to shop in our website.